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Can you imagine testing a concept in 5 days instead of 5 months? Make sure it's a good idea or a project to drop... Design Sprint is a 5 days experience unforgetable.

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    Workshops, prototype, user testings, Ui

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My role in the project

My role
Mobalpa is revamping its website. For this project, I'm the Ux Lead. I'll be a member of the team for this Design Sprint, facilitated by Steph Cruchon and Julien Suard from After the Design Sprint, I'm in charge of all the Ux for new website: architecture infirmation, prototyping, Design Thinking workshops facilitation.

My mission, who  I worked with
I've been part of this brilliant team made of Mobalpa digital project managers, communication director, sales director, international manager...

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    Ideas tested on friday instead of 1!

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    Brilliant ideas shared during the week

Problem to solve and results

The problem I wanted to solve
Making sure everybody can express his ideas. Reassurint non digital team members that their ideas matter.

How I solved the problem
My idea for the new home page, very minimalistic and bold, has been chosen.

What were the results ?
The new website will be live shortly!

What is a Design Sprint?

  • 01

    Day 1 - Understand

    This first day "understand" is critical for the smooth progress of the Sprint as it serves to align with the objectives of the workshop and to define the problem better. This problem framing effort is the heart of the first day.

  • 02

    Day 2 - Sketch

    On the second day we will focus on the ideation process. This step, Google calls "diverge" or sketch. It allows each participant to sketch their interpretation of the future concept. This avoids plain brainstorming and brings more interesting solutions on the table.

  • 03

    Day 3 - Decide

    This day is important because this is where the team will make important decisions regarding the rest of the Sprint: what features will we keep? What are we going to prototype? How can we simplify? It is also an inspiring moment of the experience as you discover the ideas of the other participants anonymously.If the decision-makers (CEO, CTO, PM, etc.) can only participate for an hour or so throughout the whole Sprint, it should be here. They attend as observers or external consultants to the Sprint team.

  • 04

    Day 4 - Prototype

    Here we are: all ideas from previous days will be consolidated on day 4’s prototype. One day to make what is sometimes a blurry concept look tangible and testable.At Design Sprint Ltd., the designers/ facilitators will handle the creation and design of the prototype. The rest of the team can relax and go about their business.

  • 05

    Day 5 - Test

    A few minutes of testing with a neutral user will reveal most of the flaws or potential for improvement: remember, the prototype doesn’t have to be perfect, it must above all help you create the real product and avoid the pitfalls inherent in the creation of an innovative product or service.

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